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Nuevo Stock MiviBox S1020 a 115 $us envíos a Toda Latinoamerica

9 octubre, 2014

Model:Miuibox S1020 (SKS+IKS+IPTV)

Main Features:Full HD DVB-S2+Twin Tuner for SKS+IKS+IPTV+1080P HDMI+2 USB+PVR+Support WiFi+Youtube+Youporn

***Satellites for keys:30W and 61W

***Satellites for channels:61W,70W,43W,89W(Irdeto/Brazil),50W,58W(Mexico)

***One antenna for SKS(61W).

***Open CDF HD by both SKS and IKS.

***IPTV channels: Live TV,Movies,Adult Channels,Youtube,Youporn,etc

Transformable a Globalsat GS220, AzAmerica s928, AzPlus s1000 y AzSat S1010 todo esto por USB.